Crafty Creatives

£15 every month + P&P
Ships UK and EU only

This is the original, the Crafty Creatives kit box. It is an explosion of creativity in a box - something to get stuck into straight away! Every box is wonderfully different. I work with suppliers all over the country - often small businesses who are experts in their craft - and they provide absolutely fantastic kits for you to enjoy, from wet felting to jewellery making, mosaic to willow weaving. Check out the past boxes! Each box is a surprise too, so you won't know what to expect next - it's all part of the fun!

Sometimes a kit might require a sewing machine - but this isn't very often. Sometimes a kit might require you to use your own glue, thread, or similar "every day item". But don't worry, if one month's particular kit doesn't tickle your fancy, you can return it for a refund!

Not sure about your skill level? These boxes are suitable for both beginners and those more experienced. Sometimes boxes can contain glue, or sewing needles, or other sharp things so they would require adult supervision if being bought for anyone under 16.

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